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Lucknow - Awadh - Circuit
Lucknow - Awadh - Circuit

A Fascinating journey through many cultures, many religions and royalty.
Don't be surprised if you return believing you are a "Nawab".

There is something royal about everything in Awadh. Right from fabled history and culture of Nawabs to royal British monuments, majestic tiger in Dudhwa National Park, divine birth place of Lord Ram and much more. Right from world-famous "Tehzeeb " (Culture) and "Mehmaan-Nawazi" (Hospitality) to awesome wild-life treasures, pilgrim places and unparalleled handicraft. Right from the truly international standards of modern world to well-preserved culture of bygone times. Awadh blends royalty, culture and many religions into each other unlike anywhere else. A journey to Awadh happens to be a truly royal and divine experience. Once you discover Awadh circuit in unmatched Uttar Pradesh, you cannot escape the experience instantly. It will stay with you, forever.

Lucknow-The golden city of east

Being the principal centre of the erstwhile Awadh province, Lucknow, situated on the banks of the river Gomti, is the capital of UP. This 'golden city of east' is regarded as one of the finest cities of India. Lucknow has been the home of a galaxy of luminaries of Hindi-Urdu literature and exponents of dance-music. Apart from this, the Luckhnawi cuisine and fascinating 'Chikankari' or exquisite shadow work embroidery on fine muslin cloth, are renowned worldwide. Even while keeping pace with modern developments, Lucknow has preserved its golden past and its sublime culture - the Luckhnawi Tehzib.


Nawabi Period Monuments

Lucknow had prospered under the Nawabs. This historical city abounds with majestic monuments and buildings, which speak of its glorious past. Asfi Imambara, also known as Bara Imambara, Hussainabad Imambara, Rumi Darwaza, Clock Tower, Picture Gallery, Shahnazaf Imambara, Kaiserbag Palace complex, SaadatAli Khan Tomb, Dilkusha are the worthmentioning examples of unique architecture of Awadh-Lucknow.

Asafi Imambara
Also known as Bara Imambara, it was built by Nawab Asaf-ud-Daula in 1784 and is one of the architectural wonders of Lucknow. Its central hall is said to be the largest vaulted chamber in the world. Except for the galleries in the interior, there is no wood work in the entire structure. A staircase leads to a series of labyrinths, known as Bhool Bhuliya, which visitors are strictly advised to visit only under the authorized guidance. Within the. compound of the Imambara is the grand Asafi Masjid.

Hussainabad Imambara
Also known as 'Chhota Imambara', it houses the tombs of Muhammad Ali Shah, its builder and his mother.

Rumi Darwaza
This colossal, ornate gateway is said to be a facsimile of one of the gates of Constantinople.

Colonial Monuments
Lucknow was one of British Raj's foremost cities and has a number of interesting colonial buildings, such as Residency, La-martiniere etc. Residency was built for the British Resident during 1780-1800 where many dramatic events during the first war of independence in 1857 took place.

La Martiniere
Built at the end of the 18th century by Major General Claude Martin, this fort-like building is a fine example of fusion of European and Mughal architectural styles. Today the building houses a leading educational institution which was started in 1840.

Dilkusha Kothi set amidst lush green lawns, was built in the Gothic style. The Kothi and its adjoining magnificent garden were created by Nawab Saadat Ali Khan. It is almost an exact replica of an English country house called Seaton Delavel built in 1721.

Modern Attractions

Light & Sound show at Residency

The daily light and sound show recounts the history of Awadh through the character of the river, Gomti, played out against the romantic backdrop of the Residency, the skillful use of light and shade, coupled with an evocative narration, brings alive the tumultuous history of Iucknow.
(Show timings: 7.30 pm. from 1st November to 14th March and 8.45 pm from 15th March to 31st October,: Entry fee Rs. 30/-)

Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar Memorial
This newly added attraction to modern Iucknow, spread over 53 acres of land in Gomti Nagar, is dedicated to the memory of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. In the heart of this sprawling complex, stands a 112ft. high memorial resembling a Stupa, with a 16ft. high bronze statue of Dr. Ambedkar. Numerous figures of life-size elephants, lush gardens with a 20 ft. wide canal surrounding the memorial and the serene atmosphere leave the visitors spell bound. Accommodation, restaurant and parking facilities are available.
Entry ticket: Adults Its. 5/-. Children 5-12 years Rs. 3/- (No entry ticket for children, below 5years). Timing: Tuesday to Saturday 10.00 a.m. to 5.00p.m. Sunday 10.00 a.m. to 7.00p.m. closed on Monday.

Manywar Sri Kanshiram Ji Green (ECO) garden Jail Road LKO
Stretched in over 250 Acres of area and with an investment of 1087 crores, Manyavar Shri Kanshiram Ji Eco Garden is situated at Jail Road, Lucknow. Due to its close proximity to Railway Station (4 Kms.) it is at easy access.The Garden is segregated in three areas viz.

  • Buffer Area
  • Main Park
  • Public amenities & Parking.

Buffer Area
The area is spreaded over in an area of 40 Acres of land and is comprised of Cactus Garden, 52' feet tall Bronze Fountain, 9 mts high Ashokan Pillar, Granite Platform with benches, Entry Gate on Geetapalli Side and Golf Cart Parking.

Main Park
The area is spreaded over in an area of 190 Acres of land and is comprised of two huge entrance plazas with a 20 mt wide water bodies adorned with four bronze fountains and eight sandstone fountains. A rock garden comprising on an area of 800 mt. wherein bronze structure of animals, trees and birds are established. An awe-inspiring Cup shaped statue made of sandstone positioned at the Central part of main park in over an area of 80 thousand sq mt.

Public amenities & Parking
There is a whole lot of infrastructure and parking facilities around the eco park which includes canteen block, administrative office, staff quarter, toilet quarters and a huge 27 ft fountain.

  • Airport -06 km
  • Railway station -04 km
  • Road ways bus Stand -08 km

Manyavar Shri Kanshiram Ji Smarak Sthal Jail Road, Lucknow
Stretched in over an area 45 Acres of land and with an investment of 618 crores, Manyavar Shri Kanshiram Ji Smarak Sthaljail Road Lucknow. This marvelous structure is 52mt high covered with a dome of 34mt in the main building. Inside the building 18ft high bronze statues of Manyawar Shri KanshiRam Ji and Honorable Cheif Minister Km Mayawati. Inside the building 6 bronze statues are placed which depicts the life journey of Manyawar Shri KanshiRam Ji. Four amazing fountains,27ft high are placed inside the premises.The main building is surrounded by a gallery of 30 elephants which enhances its exquisiteness of Manyavar Shri Kanshiram Ji Smarak Sthal.


  • Airport -06 km
  • Railway station -04 km
  • Road ways bus Stand -08 km

Show at Indira Gandhi Planetarium
This completely air-conditioned planetarium has a state of art projection system, which gives special effects while projecting. State-of-art projecting system, digital sound and lift-ramp for handicapped persons are the other worth mentioning facilities available here. Show timings (40 minutes duration-based on title "Our world & beyond"): 11.00 am to 2.00 pm-reserved for school bookings. 2.00pm (in English), 3.00pm, 4.00 pm, 5.00pm., 6.00pm. (all in Hindi). Closed on Mondays. Entry fee: Rs. 25.00 (for public), Rs. 15.00 (for students in group of 100 or more). No entry fee for handicapped.

Other Attractions

State Museum/Zoo

The 'Zoological garden at Banarsi Bagh and the Lucknow Museum within it are favorite spots. The Museum has a fascinating collection of artifacts, including an Egyptian mummy. The zoo houses has a large number of animals and birds of different species. Museum Timing: 10.00 a.m. to 5.00p.m. Closed on Mondays. Entry Fee: Rs. 5.00 (adults), Rs. 2.00 (children upto 12years of age) Tel: -0522-2206158.

Golf at Lucknow
This historic city provides recreational facilities also. There are many Golf Clubs available here :- Lucknow Golf Club, Kalidas Marg. Tel.: 2239275, 2620631. Raj Bhawan Golf Club, Raj Bhawan. Mouribagh Golf Course, Rly. Station Workshop, Cantt. Tel.: 2296098 Avail Golfing facility at Lucknow Golf Club through U.P. Tourism's travel wing UPTOURS at 50% of the regular rates. Call on - 0522-2612659

Fall in love with nature. All over again.

Dudhwa National Park
Dudhwa National Park, 238 km. from Lucknow and 430 km. from Delhi, covers 680 sq. km of grassland and woodland, including the buffer zone and has the finest quality of Sal (Sliorea robusta) in India. Dudhwa is India's most exciting forest reserves. The Neora River and the dry bed of the Soheli run along its southern edge. Between these two rivers, and the Sal forests to the north, are the grasslands- the preferred habitat of the Barasingha or Swamp deer, which can be spotted roaming about. The largest number of swamp deer, which move in herds, are found in the Sathiana and Kakraha blocks. 'The park has a fair numbers of tigers. The Indian one-horned rhinoceros has been reintroduced in the park and is thriving. Other animals seen in Dudhwa are sloth bear, ralels, civets, jackals, fishing cats, jungle cats and leopard cats. Among the deer found here are Sambhar and Cheelal, the hog deer and the barking deer. Bird life is also abundant in Dudhwa. U.P Tourism has exciting three night and two day rail and road packages for Dudhwa National Park. For details call UPTOURS: 91-522-2612659.

Kukrail Reserve Forest
8 km. from Lucknow, a picnic spot developed by the Forest Department, it has a deer park and a crocodile nursery along with a variety of birds and deer.

Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary
43 km. away, situated on Lucknow-Kanpur highway, this sanctuary attracts several migratory birds during winters. The best season to visit is between October and March. Pilgrimage

Fall in love with nature. All over again.

A trip to Ayodhya - The City of Gods
Ayodhya, one of the seven most sacred cities of ancient India, situated 135 km from Lucknow, on the right bank of the river Saryu, is just 7 km from Faizabad. This holy city holds a place of pride among Hindus for being the birthplace of Lord Rama.
Ayodhya is an equally important place for Jains and Sikhs. According to legends, five Jain Tirthankaras were born here and the city was visited by Sikh Gurus, Guru Nanak Dev, Guru Teg Bahadur and Guru Gobind Singh.

Pilgrim tour to Naimisharanya
Naimisharanya, 95 km from Lucknow, is regarded as one of the most sacred places of pilgrimage. According to legends, Lord Brahma had himself indicated that Naimisharanya would be the most sacred place for meditation in Kaliyug for saints and sages. It was here that Saint Shounak narrated the popular Shri Satya Narayan Katha to a congregation of sages and hermits.

Blessing of Haji Waris Ali Shah at Deva Sharif
25 km from Lucknow and 13 km from Barabanki, the small town of Deva is a famous pilgrim centre being the seat of great Sufi Saint Haji Wans Ali Shah, an exponent of universal brotherhood. Haji Waris Ali Shah commanded mystical powers and is revered by members of all communities. His father Qurban Ali Shah too -was a Sufi saint. Devotees from far off places visit their 'Mazars', popularly known as 'Deva Sharif, throughout the year. On the occasion of the annual Urs, a 10-day fair is held in the month of November every year.

Bithoor, described as Brahmavarta in ancient scriptures, lies 22 km from Kanpur and 109 km from Lucknow, on the road to Kannauj. Situated on the. banks of the holy Ganga, this secluded tranquil spot is full of religious and historical significance. It is believed that after the destruction of the Universe and its subsequent restoration by Lord Vishnu, Bithoor was choosen by Lord Brahma as his adobe. It is also said to be the place where Dhruv, the legendary child who grew up to be revered as the constant Northen star, meditated and acquired divine insight.

Savor Your Journey
Apart from the beautiful monuments and buildings, the famous delicious cuisine of Lucknow is something one shall not miss upon. Variety of Kababs, Dampukhta, Seenkh Kabab, Rumali Roti, Kulcha Nahari, Biryani, Sheermal etc. are some of the famous delicacies. Lucknow offers wide range of dining options right from 5-start luxury hotels to 3-star hotels and restaurants and round-the-corner eating joints. Each offering truly delicious Lakhnawi cuisine. In tune with the real spirit of modern Lucknow, you will find world-class coffee shops, pizza outlets and fast food joints to dine as well.

What to buy
The fascinating 'Chikankari' or exquisite shadow work embroidery of Lucknow, on fine muslin cloth is renowned worldwide. The craftsmenship of Lucknow artist is equally unparalleled in Zardozi, Kaamdani, and Mukesh works. Sarees, Lehngas, Lacchas and Kurtas are a must for the discerning tourist. The main shopping areas in the city are Hazratganj, Aminabad, Janpath, Chowk, Nakkhas, Sadar and Kapoorthala.

There are a whole lot of entertainment & leisure facilities in and around Lucknow. A number of well-connected and easily accessible water parks and resorts are situated on the outskirts of Lucknow. Amrapali Water Park, Shalimau, Hardoi Road; Anandi Water Park, Faizabad Road; Four season Funcity and Snow Park, Village Gopal Khera, Raibareily Road are various options. Various resorts and clubs offer elite entertainment facilities. Some of the prominent ones are Shivgarh Resort-Celebrity Country Club, Genesis Club, M.B. Club.

Where to Stay
Lucknow has a wide range of accommodation from 5 Star deluxe down to budget. UP Tourism Accommodation Hotel Gomti (UPSTDC), 6, Sapru Marg. Tel: 91-522-2612291, Fax: 2614708,2612659.

Business Hours
Government offices are open Monday to Saturday from 10.00 to 17.00 hrs. Shopping areas are generally open from 10.00 to 20,00 hrs.
Tourist Information Offices

  • Directorate of U.P. Tourism, C-13, Vipin Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow. Tel: 2308916, 2308017. Fax: 91-522-2308937, 2308916.
  • Regional Tourist Office,Paryatan Bhawan Ist floor C-13 Vipin Khand Gomti Nagar LKO - 2304870
  • Tourist Information Counter, Northern Railway Station, Charbagh. Tel: 2636173.
  • Tourist Information Counter, Amausi Airport Mob : 09415004218

Travel Information

How to get there :

Amausi Airport, Lucknow is directly connected with Delhi, Patna, Kolkata, Mumbai and Varanasi with regular fl

Indian Airlines, Reservation Enquiry
Tel: 2620927. 2624618, 2226623

Flight Information, Amausi Airport
Tel: 2436132, 2436327, 2436975 (Pre recorded-142)

Jet Airways, 6, Park Road.
Tel: 2434009

A major railway junction, Lucknow is conveniently linked-with prominent cities of India.

Pre-recorded Arrival-Departure Information
Tel: 1331, 1332

Manual Enquiry
Tel: 131, 139

Computerised Reservation Enquiry
Tel: 2635841, 2636132, 2635877

Lucknow is well connected by roads with all major cities of the country. Some of the major road distances are Kanpur-79 km, Ayodhya-135 km, Allahabad-210 km, Dudhwa National Park-238 km, Varanasi-305 km. Khajuraho-320 km, Agra-363 km. Delhi-497 km, Kolkata-985 km.
UPSRTC Bus Stand, Charbagh Tel: 2450988, 2458096 UPSRTC Bus Stand, Alambagh (ISBT) Tel : 2458096 Mob : 9415049750 , 9415049544 UPSRTC Bus Stand, Kaiserbagh Tel : 2622503, Mob : 9415115343.