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Ganga Mahotsav in Varanasi

Varanasi or Kashi, i.e. the City of Spiritual Light is considered to be one of the oldest living cities in the world.

The glorious traditions and mythological legacy of this shining city are virtually unrivalled.

Varanasi is a multifaceted city, that is why it offers a breathtaking experience to every visitor. The rays of the dawn shimmering across the mother Ganga….the high banks, the temples and shrines…soul steering hymns and mantras along with the fragrance of incense filling the air … the refreshing dip in the holy water gently splashing at the magnificent ‘Ghats’ …and a rich tapestry of music, arts, crafts & education… truly this is the city where experience and discovery reach the ultimate bliss. 

This city is also reputed for its schools of dance & music, arts, silk and carpet industries and handicrafts.
A row of ghats, temples and the revered neighbourhood of Sarnath have added manifold glory to this city.
Keeping in view the importance of Varanasi, the Department of Tourism, Uttar Pradesh organises Ganga Mahotsav here every year.

Ganga Mahotsav

Ganga mahotsav…..a festival only once of its kind, certainly doubles the attraction of this city of temples, Ghats and traditions. 
As classical music fills the atmosphere, a mystique seems to envelop the environs awating a mood both celestial and soulful. The classical music rendered by maestros indeed imparts an unforgettable flavour. The attraction of the five-day-long Ganga Mahotsav is its message of faith and culture, that increase with the daily Shilp Mela and the unique Dev Deepawali with innumerable ‘Diyas’ or earthen lamps in chain, lit by devotees and which floating down the river on the full moon night of Kartik, a spectacle both mystical and heart winning.

Boudh Mahotsav

One of the greatest spiritual teachers of mankind which India has produced is undoubtedly, Buddha. Edwin Arnold has fittingly called him the "Light of Asia". Buddha's message has traveled far and wide and captured the hearts and minds of billions of people outside India also.

This festival celebrates the birth of bird of Lord Buddha with traditional religious fervor. A large fair is held at Sarnath and the relice of the Buddha are taken out for public display in a procession on this day in the month of May. The beauty of this event is amplified by millions of earthen lamps "Diyas" placed dottedly in Mulgand Kuti Vihar and two days Cultural Programmer organized by U.P. Tourism adds the magnificence to the event.

Kajari Mahotsav (Mirzapur)

It is among the famous festivals of Mirzapur. Respected all over India, kajali took birth here. King Kantit Naresh's daughter Kajali loved her husband very much and sang songs in the moment of separation from her husband, although she could not meet her husband throughout her life and died, yet she remains alive through these deep sad-love songs. Her voice and songs impress Mirzapur locals very much, so they remember her through this festival paying homage to her.

Kajari, derived from the Hindi word Kajra, or Kohl, is a genre of Hindustani classical music singing, popular in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. It is often used to describe the hanging in the summer skies, and the style is notably sung during the rainy season.

It comes in the series of season songs, like Chaiti, Hori and Sawani, and is traditionally sung in the villages and towns of Uttar Pradesh: around Banaras, Mirzapur, Mathura, Allahabad and the Bhojpur regions of Bihar.

UP Tourism along with District Administration organizes a two days cultural Programme at Govt. Inter College in Mirzapur as a tribute to this exclusive musical art form of Mirzapur in the month of August or Akshay Tritiya of Bhado Month of Indian Calendar.

Ganga Water Rally (Allahabad-Mirzapur-Chunar-Varanasi)

Exploring scenic beauty along with river Ganga with historical ghats on its bank, Ganga water rally develops adventure tourism in India. It is an event of complete adventure and fun. The Boat Club Allahabad patronizes this event and the participants coming from all the corners of India and abroad use kayaks, canoes or row boats in this nomadic sport. Occurring in the month of November Ganga Water Rally is the first major water sporting events of its kind in the state. Here, the adventurous persons would be taken on a nerve rattling sojourn down the Ganga from Allahabad to Varanasi through Mirzapur and Chunar.
festive magic never comes to an end in Varanasi!

Festival All Round, Excitement All Round

Important festivals celebrated in Varanasi between year 2010 to 2015

Festivals/Events 2012 2013 2014 2015
Ganga Mahotsav 24-27 Nov 13-16 Nov 3-5 Nov 22-24 Nov
Dev Deepawali 28 Nov 17 Nov 6 Nov 25 Nov
Dhrupad Mela 18-20 Feb 8-10 Mar 26-28 Feb 15-17 Feb
Budhh Poornima 6 May 25 May 14 May 4 May
Ramleela Ram Nagar 29 Sep-29 Oct 18 Sep-18 Oct 8 Sep-8 Oct 27 Sep-27 Oct
Sankat Mochan Music Festival 10-14 Apr 29 Apr-3 May 19-23 Apr 8-12 Apr
Nag Nathaiya 17 Nov 7 Nov 27 Oct 15 Nov