Places of Interest

Baba Augharh Nath Temple (Kali Paitan Mandir)

The Temple situated in Meerut Cantt. area is devoted to Lord Shiva. It is said that the spark of the first war of independence of India 1857 first fell and then raged into a flame from here. Soldiers of the kali Paltan, a part of "British Army', often come to quench their thirst from the well in the Temple premises. It was the taunting by the chief priest of the temple on the matter of disputed cartridges sealed by. Cow fat that instigated the soldiers to a violent reaction and the fall out of that spark was the revolt against British rule on 10th of May, 1857.

Shahid Smark and Government Freedom Struggle Museum Meerut

The Shahid Smarak Meerut devoted to Martyrs of India and specially associated with the first war for freedom of India 1857. It is situated on Delhi road about 6 km. North-East from the city Railway Station and at a distance of about 200 mtrs from Delhi Bus Station (Bhaisaii). The compounds of Shahid Smark is well decorated, lush and green, with a Shahid Stambh in the premises devoted to the Martyrs Freedom Fighters. In the compound of Shahid Smark there is situated Government first Freedom Struggle 1857 museum. The museum collects, preserves, documents and exhibit cultural property of glorious past depicting important episode of the war of independence 1857 through paintings, relief and dioramas. The museum consist two main galleries 1 and 2.
Gallery 1 displays events of Meerut in 1857 beginning the story from arrival of a Fakir (saint) an important leader in the struggle who incited people and the Indian Soldiers to rise and revolt against foe British Rule, exhibiting and displaying major events. Some of them as -soldiers refusing to use disputed cartridges on 18th of April 1857, shooting of Col. Finish, soldiers requesting Bahadur Shah Zafar to take command of the upsurge of 1857 and Rani Laxmi Bai in battle etc.
Gallery 2 is also worth visiting to discover our glorious past and realize and Feel the endeavor and passion of martyrs of first war of independence of India 1857 through paintings, relief etc. Painting of Rani Laxmi Bai (icon of female power in the Indian psyche), Sati Chaura Ghat (Kanpur), Lucknow Residency, Sikander Bagh and other important centers of events of 1857.

St. John Church and Cemetery

Built in Colonial British period, it is a master piece of architect A cemetery is situated near to Church Where in the premises of cemetery one can see graves of the British and their families killed during the upsurge of 1857, 9 graves are still in conserved condition and visible.

Mausoleum of Shahpir (Shahpir Ka Makbara

A holly structure made of red stone near about m 17th century A.D. Well known as Makbara (Mausoleum) of Sufi Sant Shahapir it is a center of deep faith of devotees who come in huge number round the year and during holly ceremony (Urs) for offering prayers and getting blessed.

Gandhi Bagh

Maintained by Cantt. Board Meerut with lush and green ambience with diverse collection of flora in its premises. It is a center of attraction for recreational and amusement activities for the city.

Suraj Kund Park

Maintained by Municipal Corporation of Meerut (Nagar Nigam). With lush and green ambience and diverse collection of flora in its premises. It is a center of attraction for recreational and amusement activities for the city. It is said that king Kama of Mahabharta times devoted and offered his Kawach &. Kundal (Divine armor) to God sun here.

Victoria Park

This site has its own importance in first war for freedom of India 1857. The 85 soldiers who were kept under imprisonment in the Jail, situated here at that time, as a punishment on refusing to -use disputed cartridges. Where on 10th of May, 1357 soldiers of the 3rd native cavalry rode and broke open the doors of the jail to release there 85 jailed Heroes.The zealous freedom fighters attacked the British settlement located near by the jail and killed many of them and than all marched off to Delhi (Dilli Challo)